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Paddle Map

See your current location and the route you paddled.

Find Home

The compass shows you the direction and distance to your start point


See your last workout with a glance.


See your paddle cadence. GoSUP is using multiple sensors to detect your paddle strokes.

Paddle Map

Get a closer look at your route and explore the photos you've taken.

Push Notification

Receive a notification when a workout is saved to HealthKit. Open the statistics with a single tap.


Rich Statistics

Analzye your performance with multiple metrics and interactive charts.

Everything at your wrist

With a quick glance you can see metrics like distance, duration or heartrate.

Find always home with the compass. It shows you the direction & distance to the starting point.

Use the map to see your location and the route you paddled. Or just analzye how you performed you so far.


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